I have now played two CS:GO DM matches without my friends there. I am the bravest ever.  

AN INTERESTING FACT I used to sleepwalk really badly and once sleepwalked out of the house and then locked myself out all in my sleep, then woke up outside in my pjs and really confused.

Oh my gosh, I hope you weren’t too frightened when that happened ;o; That sounds pretty confusing! But it also sounds like it takes a lot of talent and, as the kids like to say, ‘l33t skillz’ to navigate your house and lock yourself out while you’re asleep, so I feel like you should also be really proud of yourself. Good job!

I’ve never ever had any problems with sleepwalking… but I have this one problem where I’ve - quite consistently! - seen concepts in my dreams that I like. Mid-dream I think to myself, “huh, I should really draw this/write this down for later!”, and a lot of the times following that thought, I draw it in my dream. 


patchiodatchio, that is really cool! I have a special spot in my heart for people who take the time and have the dedication to learn other languages like you have. You are great! Great great great. 

I…… huh, I only know English, and I would hardly say I understand all of the weird rules that it has… oops I’ve taken Spanish classes to fulfill my highschool requirements, and I really had fun with that! One time my family went to Costa Rica, and there was a really nice lady who had this really cool coin collection. We stopped at her little work-station to ask some questions, and my dad remarked that her coin collection had a lot of history to it. She spoke English well enough for us to understand her, but she didn’t know the word ‘history,’ and became confused… so I had a little lightbulb and was able to be a temporary, very broken translator to describe what my dad had meant. I felt so cool for knowing like, three words. yay.

@indigobleau Yay!! Me too! I don’t know where your joints are hyper-mobile (or if they’re all that way?), but my elbows can bend wrong way. As you would know, it takes little to no effort, so some times I do it by accident and people flip their lid….. oops.

I wish I could bottle the artistic inspirations that strike after midnight and then consume them in the morning.

Commissioner help?

I’ve never dealt with this. Honest thoughts? If you are the mentioned commissioner, I assure you that I mean no harm in this query. I’ve simply never dealt with this matter before.

I’ve been contacted asking to make a creature that would then be used as a private species, with adoptables coming from them in the future.

I’m not quite sure how to feel about receiving a one-time fee for the monster that I’ll be making, which would then be used to possibly pay itself off, and then some. It just seems weird to me. How should I handle this, or am I over-thinking this and I should just go on with it? If you’re a species designer, how do you handle what ‘rights’ people have to what you made them? 

Edit: Thank you all for your input! There seems to be a general agreement on this issue. I’ll be sure to relay this to my commissioner! Thank you again!

Yo! As of late I’ve gotten to be super interested in learning to 3D model. Like… it would make my life.

I’ve no clue where to start, though. What’s the best program to use? Any recommendations on tutorials? I know literally nothing and want to know everything. This is how I get in trouble.

Edit: YOU GUYS are so helpful, thank you so much! I’m super stoked to check everything out after I get some Z’s! Thank you all Help me?? :”) ?

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